PC Sales and Services

With the perfect acceleration of an array of products with different brands and models in our portfolio showcases the customer objective in choice.
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UPS & Power Backup

The need for an efficient UPS is drastically increasing as it features primarily to protect hardware like the computers, servers, data centers and the communication modes.
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Networking & CCTV

Networking is obviously an illustrious aspect of any business. The latest devices and networking solutions has the ability to connect and communicate to any level.
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Server Setup

Protecting business from various disasters is possible by installing a standard CCTV. CARE delivers an optimized solution for the surveillance requirements.
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Our portfolio of products with the perfect combination meets the objective of the customers. Our unique approach to match the right product for the need of the customers along with the required assistance help to amplify the customer base.

Personal Computing

The most correlated solution for the personal use of computer for the purpose of business or home them it needs to care a few aspects to keep it productive.
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Enterprise Computing

When it comes to enterprising the technology products need to be derived to the latest and also the most suitable one.
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Networking and Security

Networking and Security are undeniable factors of business. We evaluate on the product strength and the brand to offer products.
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Power Solutions

The need of an hour is the power solutions. We help you come out of the general power interruptions which are highly fluctuating and irregular.
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Why Us


Challenges and the need for transformation are increasing which requires continual innovation.
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Demonstration is the key for business satisfaction and for an effective business close.
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Installation is a part of our service and we at CARE IT also follow the procedures and purpose with its respective standards.
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The quality installation should be followed by a hands on training. We provide hands and help improve the skills.
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